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A sense of place: transcriptomics identifies environmental signatures in Cabernet Sauvignon berry skins in the late stages of ripening. G.R. Cramer, N. Cochetel, R. Ghan, A. Destrac-Irvine, and S. Delrot. 2020, BMC Plant Biology. 20:41
Assessing the sensitivity and repeatability of permanganate oxidizable carbon as a soil health metric: an interlab comparison across soils Wade, J., Maltais-Landry, G., Lucas, D., Bongiorno, G., Bowles, T., Calderón, F., Culman, S., Daughtridge, R., Ernakovich, J., Fonte, S., Giang, D., Herman, B., Guan, L., Jastrow, J., Loh Hoe Hin, B., Kelly, C., Mann, M., Matamala, R., Miernicki, E., Peterson, B., Pulleman, M., Scow, K., Snapp, S., Thomas, V., Tu, X., Wang, D., Jelinski, N., Liles, G., Barrios-Masias, F., Rippner, D., Silveira, M., Margenot, A. 2020, Geoderma
Differences in grapevine rootstock sensitivity and recovery from drought are linked to fine root cortical lacunae and root tip function Cuneo, I., Barrios-Masias, F., Uretsky, J., Knipfer, T., Reyes, C., Lenain, P., Brodersen, C., Walker, A., McElrone, A. (in press) 2020, New Phytologist (in press)
Drought tolerance of the grapevine, Vitis champinii cv. Ramsey, is associated with higher photosynthesis and greater transcriptomic responsiveness of abscisic acid biosynthesis and signaling. N. Cochetel, R. Ghan, H. Toups, A. Degu, R.L. Tillett, K.A. Schlauch, G.R. Cramer. 2020, BMC Plant Biology 20:55
Effects of energy-protein supplementation frequency on performance of primiparous grazing beef cows during pre and postpartum. Moura F.H., Costa T.C., Trece A.S., Melo L.P., Manso M.R., Paulino M.F., Rennó L.N., Fonseca M.A., Detmann E., Gionbelli M.P., Duarte M.S. 2020, Asian-Australas Journal Animal Science
Efficacy of bacteriophage and organic acids in decreasing STEC O157:H7 populations in beef kept under vacuum and aerobic conditions: A simulated High Event Period scenario Shebs. E.L., Lukov, M.J., Giotto, F.M., Torres, E.S., de Mello, A.S. 2020, Meat Science. Volume 162, April 2020,
Emodin and emodin-rich rhubarb inhibits histone deacetylase (HDAC) activity and cardiac myocyte hypertrophy Evans, L., Bender, A., Burnett, L., Godoy, L., Shen, Y., Staten, D., Zhou, T., Angermann, J. E., Ferguson, B. 2020, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Fall-Grazing and Grazing-Exclusion Effects on Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) Seed Bank Assays in Nevada, United States
Assessment of cheatgrass seed bank characteristics under fall-grazing by cattle and grazing exclusion treatments
BL Perryman, BW Schultz, M Burrows, T Shenkorua, J Wilker 2020, Rangeland Ecology & Management
First Records of California Kangaroo Rats, Dipodomys californicus, in Nevada. Miles, D. C., Burrus, K., Shoemaker, K. T. 2020, Northwestern Naturalist 101(1):61-63
From dendrochronology to allometry Biondi, F. 2020, Forests 11 (2), art. 146 (17 pp.), doi: 10.3390/f11020146
Leaf gas exchange performance of ten quinoa genotypes under a simulated heat wave Eustis, A., Murphy, K., Barrios-Masias, F.H. 2020, Plants
Persistent agricultural legacy in soil influences plant restoration success in a Great Basin salt desert ecosystem. Dunham-Cheatham, S. M., Freund, S. M., Uselman, S., Leger, E. A., Sullivan, B. W. 2020, Ecological Restoration, vol. 38 no. 1 42-53
Physiological and anatomical changes in tomato roots in response to low water stress Hernandez-Espinoza, L., Barrios-Masias, F.H. 2020, Scientia Horticulturae
Predicting micro-catchment infiltration dynamics Founds, M., McGwire, K., Weltz, M., Verburg, P. S. 2020, CATENA Volume 190, July 2020, 104524
Reconstruction of seasonal and water-year precipitation anomalies from tree-ring records of the southwestern United States Ziaco, E., N. Miley, and F. Biondi 2020, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 547, art. 109689 (11 pp.). doi: 10.1016/j.palaeo.2020.109689
Two lipid flippases, ALA4 and ALA5, are important for cellular expansion and vegetative growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. JA Davis, RB Pares, T Bernstein, SC McDowell, E Brown, J Stubrich, A Rosenberg, EB Cahoon, RE Cahoon, LR Poulsen, MB Palmgren, RL López-Marqués, JF Harper 2020, Plant Phyiology