Nevada Climate Summaries -This is a link to the Western Regional Climate Center at the Desert Research Institute. Access to local and national climate history and forecasts are available.

UC Davis Home Winemaking Information- The Department of Viticulture & Enology, University of California - Davis offers short courses in grape growing and winemaking for the beginner and expert wine lover.


Cold-Climate Growing Information

South Dakota State University - This a link to the South Dakota State University grape research program. Access to grape research and information regarding growing grapes in cold climates is available.

University of Minnesota - This is a link to the University of Minnesota grape research program. This University is known worldwide for its cold climate viticulture research.

Colorado Grape Growing Information - This is a link to the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board in Colorado. A lot of information about the industry in Colorado and about cold climate grape growing is available.

Washington State University - South-Eastern Washington has very similar climate conditions as Northern Nevada, although they are 2000 ft lower in elevation.


Small-Scale Winery Supplies

Reno Homebrewer

Napa Fermentation Supplies

St. Patrick's of Texas


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