The following links will provide you with information about the various research projects on wine grapes that are being conducted by Dr. Grant R. Cramer in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Inaugural Edition of the University of Nevada Viticultural Newsletter!

The University of Nevada's Official Viticultural Newsletter has been released! This quarterly e-publication is intended to keep Nevada residents up to date on all information released by the University regarding its wine grape research program! Click below to access the newsletter

Issue #1


Issue#3 September 2007

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UNR Wines Tastings 2007: We will have a Wine Tasting Fundraiser for our new green house and storage facilities in early 2007 at Moana Nursery. We also plan on holding regular public tastings at the winery in 2007. Please check the website for specific information later in the year.

Economic Development Study February 2007: The Center for Economic Development will be conducting a study to evaluate the qualities of wine that Northern Nevadans would like to see in the emerging local economy. If you are interested in participating in this study please contact Kitty Spreeman at the link above.

Wine Tasting and Viticulture Workshops 2007: Grant Cramer is on Sabbatical in Australia until Spring 2007. When he returns we will be holding workshops on various topics involving grapes and wine including wine tasting, enology which is the science of winemaking, and viticulture which is the science of growing grape vines.

* Note these wines are experimental wines which are made to evaluate the vine's potential for Northern Nevada. They have been processed in such a way as to be able to evaluate the grapes' fruit qualities and minimize the influence of the winemaking practices. Thus, all wines are made exactly in the same way with the same yeast. No secondary fermentations or addititives such as oak are used (these factors might mask the true fruit flavors). If you are interested, please contact Monica Keady and we will send you information as it becomes available.

Grand Opening of Experimental Winery: January 30th, 2004. (The Grand Opening was a great success thanks to the 200+ people who braved the cold winds!) Photos of the Event

In the summer of 2003, the University constructed a research winery at the Valley Road site. The purpose of the research winery will be to evaluate the varietal characteristics of the wines. The wines will be made with consistent minimalist techniques to reduce extraneous influences on grape flavor components in order to more accurately assess flavors from the grapes themselves. This means that wines will be fermented in stainless steel without oak, no secondary fermentations, with rapid filtration and bottling. Once the wines are made they will be chemically analyzed with standard and high-tech methods such as mass spectrometry. This should give us a very accurate profile of what flavors are produced in our grapes and how regulated-deficit irrigation influences them.

The University of Nevada offers intermittent workshops on grape growing and winemaking. More information on grape workshops here!

Practical Information:

University of Nevada Quarterly Wine Grape Newsletter: Issue #1

University of Nevada Quarterly Nevada Wine Newsletter: Issue #2

Nevada Wine Grapes Fact Sheet Provides recent research results of varietal trials at the experimental vineyard at the Valley Road Field Laboratory.

New! Economic analysis just in! Grapes are much more profitable than alfalfa in Nevada according to the Master's Thesis of Miguel Henry.Grown over a 10 year period both Chardonnay and Merlot can be highly profitable and based on Risk Analysis have a near 100% chance of positive return.

New! Vineyard and Winery Feasibility Workbook Produced by Iowa State University Extension Service. This website provides a wealth of information on planning for your next vineyard and winery! Includes on-line video and downloadable Excel spread sheets!

General Nevada Grape Information

Grape Growing Information Link to Colorado information. Colorado's Grand Junction wine region has very similar climate and elevation to Northern Nevada. At the bottom of the page is a download of the excellent "Grape Growers Guide" with very relevant information to growing grapes in Northern Nevada Conditions.

More Grape Growing Information from Minnesota. Literature on CD from the last 25 years of research in this cold climate regime.

Nevada Climate Summaries Very useful site for determining if you have the right climate for growing grapes. Contains numbers on growing degree days (GDD) over 50 °F.

Nevada Grapes (a powerpoint presentation)

Wine Making Information

Wine Tasting Notes

Extension Workshops at UC Davis

Variety Trial Statistics

Valley Road Vineyard

Basic Research Information:

Global Transcript Analysis

Grape Genomics

Metabolite Profiling

There is an opportunity to participate in our research program. If your are interested in participating or contributing to the Nevada Wine Grapes program and Wine Tastings please contact Monica Keady.