Grant Cramer is the head of the group. Grantís research interest is focused on three environmental problems affecting plant growth: soil salinity, drought and cold. His current research program on wine grapes will lead to a better understanding of the genetic mechanisms for cold, drought and salinity tolerance in V. vinifera. Ultimately this research will improve wine grape production efficiency in colder and drier regions of the world and a better understanding of the factors that contribute to improved wine quality under abiotic stress conditions.

Asfaw Degu is a Postdoctoral Researcher


Haley Toups is a PhD graduate student in Biochemistry.

Jordan Chaffin is an Instructor.

Chloe Freeman is a getting a Master's of Science degree in Biotechnology.

Jordan Marchello is a undergraduate student  in Biochemistry.

Eseosa Aigbe is an undergraduate student at UNR majoring in Biochemistry.

Kenneth Laverty is a senior at UNR majoring in Biochemistry. Kenneth is currently working for Dr. Cramer on her Senior Thesis.