Robert Nowak

Photo of Robert Nowak
Dr. Nowak working at the Nevada Test Site.

Emeritus Professor

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science
University of Nevada/Mail Stop 186
1664 North Virginia Street
Reno,  Nevada   89557

Office: (775)
Building: Off Campus,  Office N/A

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B.S. 1977 University of Minnesota, St. Paul MN
M.S. 1980 Utah State University, Logan UT
Ph.D. 1984 Utah State University, Logan UT


Plant physiological ecology. Current research areas: 1) Invasion, competition, and ecology of exotic annual grasses, especially cheatgrass and red brome, in arid ecosystems. 2) Effects of global changes on vegetation dynamics and on plant ecophysiology and productivity. 3) Dynamics of water and nutrients in native plant communities and their effects on carbon balance, water balance, rooting dynamics, and competition for soil resources. 4) Ecology, physiology, and conservation of rare or endemic plant species. 5) Effects of de-icing compounds on vegetation in the Lake Tahoe basin.


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