Sherman Swanson

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Associate Professor - State Specialist

Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Veterinary Sciences
University of Nevada/Mail Stop 202
1000 Valley Road
Reno,  Nevada   89512

Office: (775) 784-4057
Cell: 233-6221

Building: Knudtsen Resource Center,  Office 113
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Lay or Popular Publications
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Book or Chapter(s) in Books
George E. Gruell, Sherman Swanson 2012, Nevada's Changing Wildlife Habitat: An Ecological History, University of Nevada, Press   View item.

For millennia the ecology of the Great Basin has evolved because of climate change and the impacts of human presence. Nevada's Changing Wildlife Habitat is the first book to explain the transformations in the plants and animals of this region over time and how they came about. Using data gleaned from archaeological and anthropological studies, numerous historical documents, repeat photography, and several natural sciences, the authors examine changes in vegetation and their impact on wildlife species and the general health of the environment. They also outline the choices that current users and managers of rangelands face in being good stewards of this harsh but fragile environment and its wildlife.

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