dnaTools™ Data Management System

dnaTools Server Accounts

In order to submit:

  • Sanger sequencing samples,
  • Illumina NextSeq
  • Ion Torrent sequencing samples, or
  • Fragment Analysis samples,

Your lab must have an account on our dnaTools server.   The dnaTools server is set up so that a user group can see any order submitted by any member of the group.  Users can only access orders from the group they belong to.

Your Sanger sequencing and Fragment Analysis data will be posted to the dnaTools server and you will be able to retrieve your files through a web site interface.

Ion Torrent sequencing data for each run/project will be copied to the hard drive you provide at the time of sample submission. 

If your lab PI already has a dnaTools account then any new user from the lab can create an account from the Create Login Account page on the dnaTools server. 

Be sure to select your lab PI from the drop down list.

If your lab does not have an account on our dnaTools server then please send us an email and we will create an account for the lab PI.