Guidelines Library

Please use the links below to download the files in .pdf format. The documents provide guidelines and answer frequently asked questions.

NGC guidelines

Entering a job request on the dnaTools data management systems

Sanger Sequencing on the 3730

How to use dnaTools for Sanger Sequencing
Sanger Sequencing - Optimal Amount of Template and Primer
Sanger Sequencing - Common Primers Provided by NGC
Sanger Sequencing - PCR Amplicon Preparation
Sanger Sequencing - Analyzing Your Data
Sanger Sequencing - Frequently Asked Questions
Sanger Sequencing - Troubleshooting Short Read Length
Sanger Sequencing - Troubleshooting Low Average Q20
Sanger Sequencing - Troubleshooting Low Signal Strength
Sanger Sequencing - Late Start – Injection Issues

Next-Generation Illumina NextSeq 500

How to use dnaTools for NextGen Sequencing
Illumina Prepared Library Submission Guidelines
Illumina Technote Coverage Calculation
Illumina Sample Prep Overview
Illumina Adapter Sequences
Illumina Indexed Sequencing Reference Guide
Illumina Nextera Pooling Guidelines

Fragment Analysis on the 3730

How to use dnaTools for Fragment Analysis
Fragment Analysis - Preparing Samples for 3730 Run
Fragment Analysis - Dilution Tests Guidelines
Fragment Analysis - Frequently Asked Questions
Fragment Analysis - Multiplexing Primer Sets
Fragment Analysis - PeakScanner Instructions

General Guides & Agilent Data Assistance

Proper Tubes and Plates for Sample Submissions
Quantifying Double Stranded DNA
Plasmid Preparation Tips
Agilent - How RNA Integrity Number Works
Agilent - Insect Total RNA Samples
Agilent - PCR Amplification Bead Carryover Artifact
Agilent - Data for Dynabead Treated Sample
Covaris DNA Shearing Quick Guide