Improving Nevada's Calf Industry

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Range livestock production is the predominant activity whereas cow-calf operations are the most common type of operations in the northern part of the Nevada, especially in Elko county, which ranks among the leading counties in the Nation in number of beef cows. Dairying calves, predominantly found in Churchill, Lyon and Clark counties may also suffer from adverse environmental conditions of semi-arid and arid lands, posing health challenges that need to be overcome in order to improve production systems and local economy.

Due to an increase of the Dairy industry in northern Nevada, there is a significant number of male calves in those counties as a byproduct of the dairy industry. This is a unique opportunity to expand Nevada’s veal production and improve profitability of local rural economies. Therefore, minimizing calves risk to diseases, as well as weaning calves with acceptable weights is a critical need to ensure livestock operations in Nevada are successful and economically viable.

The goal of this project is to generate a sustainable and viable feeding management system based on optimal dietary treatments that will ensure improved health status and growth performance of calves during warm dry summers in northern Nevada. While also exploring the dairy industry’s steer production as a value-added veal option.